World of Science: Plants and Fungi

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World of Science: Plants and Fungi

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by Karen Kwek

Our close relationship with plants goes back hundreds of thousands of years – plants give us food, in addition to countless materials useful for building, decorating, curing illnesses and keeping us clothed and protected. Which plants have tasty, edible leaves? Why do some plants adopt "disguises"? And which ones set "traps" for tiny animals? From the "bearded" banyan to the African baobab, get ready to branch out into our eye-opening world of plants. 

Key Features:

  • Full-colour comics which will appeal to all children

  • A full range of topics covered (see the list provided above), hence ability to dominate the market and establish itself as a comprehensive Science and STEM series that educates as well as entertains

  • Tried-and-tested comics material that has already proven successful, but not refreshed, improved, revised, and repackaged according to themes. This approach allows readers to go deep into the topics to learn more effectively, versus the magazine approach

  • This inclusion of Augmented Reality elements enhances the interactive and experiential elements of the books, bringing them to the next level. With animation, 3D figures, gamification and quizzes, this series will be unique in the market, appealing to parents for its educational value, and a hit with kids who love to be entertained while learning



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