Periscope Science Kit

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Periscope Science Kit

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What’s in the box:
Periscope toy
Step by step building instructions for the toy
HOT! Experiment Pack
Worksheet to guide your learning journey

Science concepts:
How light travels
Reflection of light

What do you learn:
With a periscope, you can look around walls, corners or other obstacles. Submarines have periscopes so that the people inside can see what is on the surface of the water. Try building your own periscope and learn what you can do to see around bends. This is all possible because light travels in a straight line! Be sure to try out your periscope at different corners at home and remember to be safe!

For the HOT! (Hands-on-Time) segment, you can use the cards to test how light travels. The worksheet will guide you through the steps for this scientific investigation. Have fun!

Experiment how light travels
Construct a periscope

Where do I find more home-based activities?
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