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Catapult Science Kit

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What’s in the box:
Catapult toy
Step by step building instructions for the toy
HOT! Experiment Pack
Worksheet to guide your learning journey

Science concepts:
Elastic & non-elastic materials
Elastic potential energy
Kinetic energy

What do you learn:
The use of elastic potential energy began way back in medieval times. To attack other castles, massive catapults were created to exert a huge amount of elastic potential energy and kinetic energy! Build your very own catapult and launch a projectile at your “enemies”! Control the range of your projectile by varying the amount of force used to load the catapult. Identify where elastic potential energy and kinetic energy are stored in the different parts of the catapult. Ready, set, launch!

For the HOT! (Hands-on-Time) segment, explore elastic and non-elastic objects. Construct a DIY launcher with cups and balloons. These activities allow you to explore how elastic potential energy is converted into kinetic energy. Have fun!

Build a catapult
Experiment with elastic and non-elastic materials
Construct a DIY balloon launcher

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