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Junior Science

Junior Science


Marine Parade


1 hour

Age Group
Age Group

5 to 8 years old

Class Size
Class Size

Max 8 students

It's never too early for children to discover the amazing world around them!


Spark off your little one's interest in science by encouraging them to observe their surroundings and start asking questions about what is happening around them. Our Junior Science lessons are designed with an inquiry-based approach where children will ask questions, observe, conclude and record their findings. The early exposure to Science provides your child with the confidence in taking on Science as an academic subject later on too!

We strongly believe in exposing the children to a wide array of science disciplines because this is a truly holistic way to discover that Science is indeed around us! The thrill of understanding complex science ideas through simplified activities, experiments and simulations is enlightening and this helps them to make sense of their observations and surroundings! 

Junior Science Programme is available at Expertise Academy (1 Marine Parade Central #02-03 Parkway Centre Singapore 449408).

It's fun to learn together!

Totally focused and engrossed in the experiment!

Building observation skills through experiments.

"Hooray, we did it!"

Everyone loves science kits! 

This is totally cool!

Hands-on learning is full of surprises!

Curious minds lead to discovery!

Experiments allow trial and error moments.

Learning to do step-by-step procedures.

Let's get hands-on!

Hands-on learning promotes retention of knowledge.

See the effects of chemical reactions!

Observe real specimens.

Learn about pulleys and its applications.