The Young Scientists Series

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The Young Scientists Series

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by Nury Vittachi

Scientists are often presented as old men in white coats, but this series shows that great discoveries have been made by people of all ages and cultures –  some are young, and many are female.

Free downloadable and editable worksheets with activities which can be used in school (extensive or class reading periods) or at home.

Volume 1: Secrets in the Rocks — Five Astounding Tales of People Solving Mysteries Beneath Our Feet:

  • The Girl Who Found a Flying Dragon (Mary Anning)

  • The Boy Who Went Searching for Giants (Georges Cuvier)

  • Love, Rocks and the First Dinosaur (Mary Morland)

  • The Bug Boy Solves a Huge Mystery (Louis Agassiz)

  • The Woman Who Saw Deep into the Earth (Inge Lehman)

Volume 2: Fabulous Physics — Five Amazing Stories of People Who Solved Nature's Puzzles:

  • The Man Who Saw a Living Skeleton (Wilhelm Rontgen)

  • The Servant Girl Who Beat Einstein (Marie Curie)

  • The Boy Who Climbed to the Top (Abdus Salam)

  • The Quiet Queen of Physics (Wu Chien-Shiung)

  • The Boy Who Secretly Read the Books He Was Binding (Michael Faraday)

Volume 3: Magical Mathematics — Five Astonishing Stories of People Who Did Miracles with Numbers:

  • The Girl, the Pearl and the Not-So-Sad Story (Lilavati)

  • The Boy with No Birthday (Carl Gauss)

  • The Math Girl Who Stunned the World (Philippa Garrett)

  • The Penniless Youth Who Amazed the Professors (Srinivasa Ramanujan)

  • The Good Witch Who Made an Amazing Decision (Maria Agnesi)

Volume 4: Breakers of Barriers — Five Stunning Stories of People Demolishing Walls to Make History:

  • The Unloved Teenager Who Found Her Place (Ada Byron Lovelace)

  • The Scientist and the Secret in the Ancient Book (Tu Youyou)

  • The Impossibly Young Doctors (Balamurali Ambati and Sho Timothy Yano)

  • The Motherless Child Who Solved His Father's Problem (Blaise Pascal)

  • The Girl Torn Between Two Careers (Rachel Carson)

Volume 5: Scientific Pioneers — Five Incredible Tales of People Who Helped Develop the Scientific Method:

  • The Woman Who Hid the Moon (Aglaonike)

  • The Man Who Stayed in His House for Ten Years (Al-Haytham)

  • The Boy Who Was Curious All His Life (Shen Kuo)

  • The Grumpy Nun Who Was Forbidden to Sing (Hildegard of Bingen)

  • The Boy Who Sorted Out the Living World (Carl Linneaus)

Volume 6: The Amazing Quantum — Five Awesome Stories of People Who Made a Revolution in Physics:

  • The Boy Who Didn't Listen to His Teacher (Max Planck)

  • How a Compass Inspired a Genius (Albert Einstein)

  • The Boy Secretly Reading a Book Behind His School Desk (Wolfgang Pauli)

  • The Student Whose Schools Kept Closing (T D Lee)

  • The Boy Who Had a Dispute with His Father (John von Neumann)

Volume 7: The Science of Humanity — Five Fascinating Stories of People Who Helped Us Understand Ourselves:

  • The Boy Who Found Different Ways of Thinking (Jean Piaget)

  • The Woman Who Taught Us Love and Remembrance (Artemisia)

  • The Mother with Six Boys and Six Girls (Lillian Gilbreth)

  • The Girl Born in the Shadow of the Moon God (Enheduanna)

  • The Explorer Girl Who Travelled Far Without Leaving Home (Alice Hamilton)

Volume 8: Women of Discovery — Five Super Stories of Fab Females Who Made Scientific History:

  • The Girl Who Found Her Sisters on the Other Side of the World (Harriet Noyes)

  • The First Woman Doctor in History (Merit Ptah)

  • The Girl Who Had to Hide Behind a Man's Name (Sophie Germain)

  • The Murderous Princess Who Found Salvation (Anna of Byzantium)

  • The Bug Hunter Who Dreamed of the Jungle (Maria Merian)

Volume 9: The Inventor's Spark — Five Marvelous Stories of People Who Helped Shape the Modern World:

  • The Boy Who Combined a Bike and a Train to Invent the Car (Karl Benz)

  • The Failed Doctor Who Sparked an Idea (John Walker)

  • The Woman to Thank If You Like Chocolate (Mary the Alchemist)

  • The Man in the Burning House (Garrett Morgan)

  • The Boy Who Lost His Chance but Got It Back (Gregorio Zara)

Volume 10: Advances in Alchemy — Five Startling Stories of Chemistry and Biology:

  • The Strange Adventures of Doctor Poison (F F Runge)

  • The Young Woman Who Was Forgotten (Rosalind Franklin)

  • The Girl in the Chamber of Corpses (Alessandra Giliani)

  • The Farm Girl Who Made Your Milk Safe (Alice Evans)

  • A Tasty Treat Found by Accident (Frank Epperson)

Volume 11: The Call of the Stars — Five Wonderful Stories of People Looking to the Heavens:

  • The Boy Who Decoded the Dance of the Stars (Jeremiah Horrocks)

  • The Poet–Scientist Who Detected an Earthquake (Zhang Heng)

  • The Farm Boy Who Saw the Galaxies Flying Away (Vesto Slipher)

  • The Girl Who Named the Stars in the Sky (Annie Jump Cannon)

  • The Boy Who Understood Einstein (Michio Kaku)

Volume 12: The Mystery of Nature's Laws — Five Striking Stories of People Investigating the Deepest Puzzles of Reality:

  • The Girl at the Back of the Boys-Only Classroom (Amalie Emmy Noether)

  • The True Story of the Philosopher's Stone (Jabir Ibn Hayyan)

  • The Bullied Boy Who Fought Back (Isaac Newton)

  • The Teenager Who Saw the Light (Galileo Galilei)

  • What We Learn from the Strange Tale of the Human Computer (Shakuntala Devi)



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