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Swing Science Kit

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What’s in the box:
Magnetic swing toy
Step by step building instructions for the toy
HOT! Experiment Pack (Bar magnets and assorted magnetic materials)
Worksheet to guide you on your learning journey

Science concepts:
Polarity of magnets
Magnetic forces
Magnetic fields
Application of magnets

What do you learn:
A magnet is an object that creates a magnetic field. While the field is invisible, its effect is made obvious by its ability to attract some materials, like iron, and attract or repel other magnets. How do we make something useful using the polarity of magnets? What about inventing a swing without pushing it yourself? Now you can with this magnet-powered swing kit! Build a swing toy with magnets and see the magnetic magic happen. Turn the crank and watch the swing move back and forth. Don’t repel away, swing by to have a magnetising time!

For the HOT! (Hands-on-Time) segment, explore how your bar magnets attract and repel! Find out which parts of the magnets are stronger by doing the paper clips test.

Experiment with bar magnets
Attract materials with magnet
Construct a magnetic swing

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