FLOATING KITE | Magnet Experiment

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FLOATING KITE | Magnet Experiment

Apr 09, 2020

Magnets can be found everywhere and are super fun to explore! Hold two magnets close enough together and SNAP! They seem to stick together without any glue or tape! We can also make objects look like they are floating by using magnets to pull or push without touching!

DIY Craft – A Magnet-Powered Kite



Magnetic Power – the Invisible Force!

Magnets can push or pull on special objects using a magnetic force. When you hold a magnet close to a paper clip, the magnetic force of the magnet pulls on the paper clip, making the paper clip move towards the magnet!

What’s really impressive about magnets is that magnets can move objects without even touching them! This is because magnets generate a magnetic field around them – an area in which an invisible magnetic force acts on some materials.

Check out this cool video by Dr. Binocs on Magnetism!

Magnetic or Non-Magnetic?

Why does a magnet pull on my paper clip, but not my eraser? Well, magnets can only attract objects that contain magnetic materials, namely iron, nickel and cobalt. Can you identify magnetic and non-magnetic materials in your home?


Conduct a quick investigation with your child at home! Take out some trays, and plates for sorting. Grab a fridge magnet and go! Test on common items you find at home.

Learn more about magnets right at home!

Get our awesome science kits for at-home learning! Be a scientist at home – experiment with magnets and note down your observations on the recording cards. Be an engineer and piece together a toy model that applies the concepts of magnets! With two cool kits to choose from, get yours today!

Magnetic Seesaw Science Kit

GIFMaker-Seesaw _2_



What’s in the box:

  • Magnetic seesaw toy
  • Step by step building instructions for the toy
  • HOT! Experiment Pack (Test tube, ring magnets and assorted magnetic materials)
  • Worksheet to guide your learning journey

Science concepts:

  • Discovery of magnets
  • Types of magnets
  • Polarity of magnets
  • Magnetic forces

What do you learn:

Magnets are used in so many ways! They are found in toys, bags, refrigerator doors and even trains! Useful inventions using magnets have made our lives easier. This is your chance to give it a try. When you play on the seesaw, you have to push yourself off the ground to go up and repeat this again and again. What about inventing a self-moving seesaw? It will be super easy and fun! Apply your understanding of how magnets attract and repel. Construct your own seesaw toy! The challenge is to place the magnets correctly so that you can move your seesaw up and down and not get stuck!

For the HOT! (Hands-on-Time) segment, explore the different ways to make your ring magnets float or stick together as you put them through the test tube! Put the assorted materials provided into the test tube and move them out with your magnet. Go around your house to explore materials that either repel or attract your magnet! 


  • Experiment with ring magnets
  • Move materials with magnet
  • Construct a magnetic seesaw
  • Worksheet 

Magnetic Swing Science Kit




What’s in the box:

  • Magnetic swing toy
  • Step by step building instructions for the toy
  • HOT! Experiment Pack (Bar magnets and assorted magnetic materials)
  • Worksheet to guide you on your learning journey

Science concepts:

  • Polarity of magnets
  • Magnetic forces
  • Magnetic fields
  • Application of magnets

What do you learn:

A magnet is an object that creates a magnetic field. While the field is invisible, its effect is made obvious by its ability to attract some materials, like iron, and attract or repel other magnets. How do we make something useful using the polarity of magnets?

What about inventing a swing without pushing it yourself? Now you can, with this magnet-powered swing kit! Build a swing toy with magnets and see the magnetic magic happen. Turn the crank and watch the swing move back and forth. Don’t repel away, swing by to have a magnetising time!

For the HOT! (Hands-on-Time) segment, explore how your bar magnets attract and repel! Find out which parts of the magnets are stronger by doing the paper clips test.


  • Experiment with bar magnets
  • Attract materials with a magnet
  • Construct a magnetic swing
  • Worksheet

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