Cooking with the Sun | Junior Science

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Cooking with the Sun | Junior Science

Sep 25, 2018

Without our blazing Sun, life on Earth would not have been possible. The Sun’s energy reaching our planet Earth is responsible for our warm climate, liquid waters, even our air. Humans have come up with genius and inventive ways to harness this renewable and free energy from the Sun.

Burning up with light!

Last week, our Junior Science kids crafted their very own solar oven using a simple pizza box! A solar oven or cooker is a device that uses direct sunlight to cook, without the use of any fuel and natural gas or coal. After learning about light and the reflective properties of colours, they applied their knowledge and modified their pizza box to absorb and transfer energy from the Sun to the food in the most efficient manner.

Burning Up With Light

Burning Up With Light3

Out in the Sun we go!

Too bright to open my eyes, but perfect for my solar oven experiment! 

Metals spoons heating up, too hot to touch!


Noting the increasing temperature readings in the solar oven