• Ms Alice Goh

      Assistant Manager, Museum Development and Corporate Matters
      Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore
    • During the EX-CODE-VATE robotics workshop 2019, the museum visitors had fun and engaging sessions. This hands-on activity is a good combination of nature science and programming. Not only do the kids learn what a palaeontologist do and information about dinosaurs, they could programme and move Robot Dash around to excavate ‘dinosaur fossils’. Hope to see Robot Dash and Terra Minds next time!

    • Ms Rachel

      Jessin Kindergarten
    • Terra Minds and Jessin have been collaborating for about 4 years now and I must say that I am very pleased with their programmes as well as their teachers. My students look forward to see their teacher, and always anticipate to gain new scientific knowledge each week! The teachers are well-equipped with knowledge and they deliver their lessons in the most fun and interesting way a preschooler should learn. Thank you Terra Minds!

    • Ms Cynthia Thomas

      Little Footprints Preschool Pte Ltd (Woodgrove)
    • We have been offering Terra Minds Science Programme in our centre for 2 years. They are definitely my priority as I like their teachers. Please convey my thanks to your teachers, Munee and Arfah as they are very focused and task oriented. I like the way they manage my children and I look forward to seeing them next year. I'm very pleased with their swift and prompt responses. The relief manpower arrangements are good and timely. Their service is an ideal choice and I'm glad I have chosen Terra Minds. Thanks for all the wonderful support you have given. I would love to engage your service for Math enrichment in 2020 too. I'm sure you have a strong team of teachers and it's impressive. Kudos to you all!!! Keep up the good spirit & spark the joy!

    • Teacher, Catholic High School

      Post-Exam Crime Scene Investigation Workshop for Primary 3 and 4
    • The content was very engaging as it introduces to the pupils the entire process of crime investigation. What captivated me the most was the number of professionals involved in solving a crime. This is informational to the pupils about career choices especially for those who aspire to be Scientists. They can learn about the different areas of specialisation and how important teamwork between experts.

      Understanding how CSI works help the pupils to appreciate more when they read mystery books as they can connect the events to the real world. Also, they can also see how nature aids in the process of investigation especially the decomposition process of a corpse and the role of the blowfly. These are things they don't learn in textbooks.

      The activities are interesting. My pupils actually enjoyed them very much. They even use the handwriting identification to help the teacher to identify "unnamed" worksheets.

    • Mr Choo Wee Kian, Teacher, Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) Lee Kong Chian Gardens School

      Basic robotics workshop for Junior Class
    • Terra Minds has provided an excellent robotic workshop for our Junior level students (age 7-11) from MINDS using Robot Dash. The team of trainers were passionate as well as patient in their teaching and ensured our students are able to get the best learning during the workshops. Students were fully engaged and the trainers even made the effort to adapt the curriculum and implement various teaching strategies on the spot in order to support our students with special needs. We will like to thanks Terra Minds for the wonderful and novel learning experience for our students in which they learn while having the best fun!

    • Mr Hakeem

      Raffles Edulab
    • Terra Minds did a wonderful job with our holiday programme. The kids clearly had lots of fun and were treated to a number of challenges that even pushed them to think out of the box.

      We especially liked how Robotics is merged with Science and incorporates everyday objects that kids encounter in their daily lives.

      Truly, a programme worth putting your child into. Thank you Terra Minds!

    • Ms Kerine

      K2 Form Teacher
      MindChamps @ Holland Village
    • It was a fun learning experience and our Champs were asking for more of these programmes!

      The programme was well designed, engaging children in learning through meaningful and purposeful activities.

    • Star Learners Childcare

    • We could see that the children really enjoyed the holiday programmes.

      They shared their works and/or talked about the activities with the teachers and parents.

      Thank you once again! - Principal Lois, Star Learners @ Sembawang Way

      Thank you for providing such engaging and meaningful activities for the children! - Principal Ira, Star Learners CCK Sports Hall

      Thank you so much. The children enjoyed the programmes a lot, especially the Robotics! - Principal Bao Zhen, Star Learners @ Jurong West

    • Abby Longmire, Academic Director

    • Terra Minds has been working with Schoolhouse by the Bay for the Robotics Programme. They offer an incredible programme whereby the children are learning through a hands-on approach. Our programme at Schoolhouse is based on the STEAM approach to learning.

      Terra Minds works closely with our teachers and our curriculum to better develop lessons that are integrated into our inquiry units.

      What we like best about Terra Minds is that they focus on developing children’s skill set. Social, critical thinking, problem solving skills are developed and flourish when these skills are learnt in meaningful ways. Thank you Terra Minds for helping to make our programme even better!

    • Nicky Matthews

      Avondale Grammar School
      Early Years 1 Class Teacher
    • Terra Minds came into my class with their science experiments this week. I cannot recommend them more highly especially the facilitator that was looking after my particular class in EY1A. The set up in the classroom was quick and efficient. They brought everything that was required for the experience.

      I was very impressed with the lady that led the activities. She spoke to the children with age appropriate language and had their undivided attention throughout. The experiments were engaging and left the children with gasp of excitement as they saw the cause and effects of their experiments.

      The experiments were engaging and left the children with gasp of excitement.

      The classroom was cleaned and put back to normal as quickly and efficiently as the set up. Thank you again.

    • Mrs Kwan

      Kwan Cheng Kai (seated on the right)
    • Kai and his cousins had a good time at Terra Minds!

      They enjoyed the hands on activities and lively instruction and asked when they can go back again!

      After attending another enrichment class, they said they would much rather be at the science camp!

    • Mrs Nair

      Halena Aaryan Nair - Junior Science (P2)
    • Terra Minds is a place where inquisitive young minds and budding scientists come together. It engages students through the perfect combination of hands-on learning and cognitive application of scientific concepts, delivered in a warm and encouraging educational setting. My elder daughter, Halena started with Terra Minds in 2014 and we have never looked back. The dedicated teachers and staff have consistently delivered an excellent educational experience for her.

      Halena eagerly looks forward to attending her weekly Junior Science classes where Science comes alive!

      I will continue to entrust Terra Minds with the task of cultivating and developing Halena’s love for science.

    • Mdm Tan

      Vicklaus Ng (Gong Shang Primary School)
      Primary 4 Science Tuition
    • Vicklaus attained 87.5 for his Science, considering he changed school this year, and did not do 2 topics (Interactions and Body Systems) in his previous school.

      Luckily it was taught at Terra Minds and he retained the knowledge.

      Also he picked up good techniques such as highlighting key words. Thank you Teacher May!

    • Priscilla Goh

      Noah Lim - Junior Science (K1)
      Ian Lim - Science Tuition
    • My 5 year old Noah has always envied his older brother who attends Science enrichment workshops at Terra Minds.

      So when I finally enrolled him Terra Minds' Junior Science (K1) programme, he was elated and excited. This year-long course has greatly widened and enriched Noah's knowledge for science, geography and the world around him. He learned about simple machines, vitamins, light and reflection, food science (his favourite Mr Yeast!), human anatomy (using ear buds to make up the skeletons) and many more.

      This year-long course has greatly widened and enriched Noah's knowledge for science, geography and the world around him.

      Noah enjoyed the hands-on experiments the most. The teachers were great and patient. The topics were made easy for kids to digest and remember through the use of various media. Noah looked forward to the fieldtrips which were conducted at the end of each term. Each fieldtrip took him to different parts of Singapore.

      Noah can never get enough of Terra Minds!

    • Kris Zhang

      Ryan Tan - Junior Science (K1)
      Keiran Tan - Junior Science (N1)
    • It started about 1.5 years ago when my child was less than 3 years old, we brought him to attend his first classroom lesson.

      He was initially too shy to walk into classroom that Daddy has to accompany him but at the end of the first lesson, he happily said he love the class and wish to continue. There's when his Terra Minds journey begin.

      At the end of the first lesson, he happily said he love the class and wish to continue.

      Today, he has enrolled in various courses and always eager to participate in new courses. The courses are interesting and most importantly allow him to have hands-on experience. Under the teachers' vivid and patience guidance, his motor skills and self-esteem have improved and eventually he is becoming more confident and independent.

      The cosy environment at the learning center has made him feel comfortable, and most of all he loves the teachers (Teacher Yokie and Teacher Crystal) who are always energetic and willing to share their knowledge with him.

    • Ng Shin Huey

      Casius - ArtScience Club
      Caelynn Tong - Science Tuition
      Cavan Tong - Science Tuition
    • The lessons creative and enriching. Teacher Crystal is friendly, caring and engages the children very well during lessons.

      I find my children more interested in nature and animals.

      I find my children more interested in nature and animals. I like the fact that ArtScience programme teaches the children to be creative through the Art aspect and also enrich their Science knowledge about animals, insects and plants.

    • Mdm Fardyana

      Rizqin Nasuha - Junior Science (K1)
    • It is clear that the teachers truly enjoy interacting and sharing their passion with the children.

      They are warm, patient and enthusiastic, easily igniting the interest of the students in Science concepts in everyday life.

      The Junior Science Programmes are age appropriate and the best part of the classes are the weekly hands-on activities. Students get excited about the lesson and are able to grasp the concepts easier. My daughter will explain and share what she has learnt that day with us, being able to use subject specific terms in her re-telling. She enjoys the activities, friends and Teachers! It's comfortable and almost like a second home!

    • Mrs. Evelyn Kway

      Kway Kaeden - Junior Science (N2)
    • The school & classroom environment is very conductive for learning and exploring.

      As parents who believe and focus more on childhood experiences than academic preparation, we love that every learning experience here is play and fun-orientated and interesting for our child. After the classes, he is able to see and observe things in a different light and loves to experiment and find out even more with daily stuff. His science vocabulary and explanation has also improved alot.

    • Mrs Jessica Fan

      Alexandre Fan - ArtScience
    • Alex finds the ArtScience programme exciting and stimulating.

      The programme has helped to improve his motor skills and painting skills too.

    • Yang

      Renee Tan - ArtScience
    • Renee loves craft work. She looks forward to coming to Terra Minds every week because the environment is friendly and cosy. It makes her feel safe and comfortable.

      She has learnt a lot about science and nature, habitats and characteristics of a lot of animals.

      It has also made her more aware of her own surroundings.

    • Mr Eugene Lim

      Shaun Lim - Primary 5 Poi Ching Primary School, 95.5 for SA2
    • I chanced upon Terra Minds when it first started and I was looking for Science enrichment for my boy. It immediately connected with me as I felt its congruence with learning, wonder, and preparation. Together with my boy’s hard work and Terra Minds’ wonderful guidance, great results are but a by-product of my boy’s learning. Terra Minds is also very well-run. Keep it up, Terra Minds!

    • Shaun Lim

      Primary 3 Tuition (Poi Ching Primary School)
    • I like to attend Science tuition sessions at Terra Minds because I like the experiments and activities carried out there. The teacher taught me a lot of things I didn’t know. Thank you for Teacher May for teaching me.

    • Alexander Mark A

      Primary 4 Science Tuition (Pei Chun Public School)
    • Doing hands-on activities help me learn better and at the same time have fun. I love to learn new things that I do not learn in school.

      I have learnt how to phrase my questions properly.

      Thank you teacher.

    • Mdm Aznani

      Arynn Zetisya - Primary 6 Science Tuition
    • The teacher taught my daughter the strategies to answer the science open-ended questions which require answering using science concepts and keywords.

    • Mdm Aizam

      Zharfan - Primary 6 Science Tuition
    • Teacher Alison is friendly and helpful and Zharfan finds it easy to understand the teaching methodology and concepts. The materials provided also served as extra notes for students and they are very useful during revision.

    • Rashmin Verma

      Primary 6 Science Tuition (Changkat Primary School)
    • I like how my teacher does not waste time and spends time on our weaknesses. I like your clear explanation during teaching. Thank you for the useful tips.

    • Mr Zainuddin

      Ilmi - Primary 6 Science Tuition
    • Ilmi attended Terra Minds Science classes from Primary 4 to Primary 6. Initially, Ilmi has problems with open ended questions. Over the years, he has shown great improvement in his answering technique due to his better understanding of the topics. He enjoyed going to his Saturday science classes and find the lessons interesting. As parents, we appreciated Teacher Alison’s effort in guiding him to understand the topics he has problems initially and making it easier to understand. Kudos to Terra Minds in providing a conducive and fun environment for learning science.