Science Enrichment at Jessin Kindergarten

Our Young Science Programme boasts of an excellent curriculum with exciting hands-on experiments, taught by our team of qualified and experienced teachers. This popular programme has been taught in more than 60 pre-schools and kindergartens in Singapore.

This week’s article features one of our partnering schools – Jessin Kindergarten.

Our partnership with Jessin Kindergarten began in 2016! We have since conducted numerous Science and Robotics lessons, as well as holiday programmes at Jessin. Last month, we decided to pop by and have a little chat with Principal Mei Fen, and we also managed to catch the young scientists in action!

Topic of the month – Electricity

After learning about static electricity and electricity in the previous lessons, Teacher Yi Fen wrapped up the topic of the month by introducing the concepts of electrical conductivity. In this lesson, the children learnt:

  • Definition of a conductor and an insulator
  • Differences between a conductor and an insulator
  • Examples of materials that are able conduct electricity
  • Examples of materials that do not allow electricity to flow through


Here comes every young scientists’ favourite part of the lesson – the experiments! We believe that all children learn Science concepts and knowledge best through hands-on experiments, which is why we ensure that there will be at least one experiment for the kids to conduct during every Science lesson.

In this lesson, the young scientists were tasked to investigate the electrical conductivity of different materials. They had to first set up their own electrical circuits. The little ones were so experienced in the setting up of an electrical circuit after a few rounds of practice from last week’s lesson that they did not require any help from Teacher Yi Fen at all! Impressive!

Experimenting to determine if the piece of cork conducts electricity.

Determining whether cork is an insulator or conductor of electricity!

Completing his electrical circuit.

Completing his electrical circuit.

Awesome teamwork!

Teamwork in action!

Securing the lightbulb into the lightbulb holder.

Teamwork in action!

A chat with the Principal

Let’s check out what Principal Mei Fen had to say about our Young Scientist Programme!

1. Why do you think Science is important to kids at this age?

Children at this age are very curious. They’re always wondering why and how things around them work. During Science lessons, they are able to ask as many questions as they like, and have their questions answered through the teacher’s explanations and experiments. It also encourages them to think more.

2. How do you find our Young Scientist Programme?

Definitely very enriching, that’s why we’ve partnered with Terra Minds for 3 years! The experiments and activities are always so engaging. I can tell that the kids really enjoy Science lessons as it is constantly on their minds. They really look forward to every Science lesson and will always be asking when the next Science lesson is, even during the holidays! Also, Teacher Yi Fen and all of the other teachers who come over for holiday programmes are very good with the children, which makes me feel assured.

3. How do the students show what they have learnt?

The children are always very eager to share what they have learnt and done during lessons. They can even remember the experiments that they did one year ago, despite only having done it once.

4. Some parents might think that sending their kids for Science classes at such a young age is unnecessary. What do your parents think about it?

Our parents definitely think that Science is important for their kids, that’s why they are willing to sign their kids up for Science lessons. I have been receiving positive feedback from parents, and have never heard anything negative till today. Parents are always happy to know that the Science lessons will continue the following year.

At Jessin Kindergarten with Principal Mei Fen

Principal Mei Fen (left) and Teacher Yi Fen (right) in front of Jessin Kindergarten

A big thank you to Principal Mei Fen for this wonderful partnership!

Jessin Kindergarten is located at Blk 85B Toa Payoh Lor 4, #01-336, Singapore 312085. Visit their website or their Facebook page for more information.

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