ABC's of Loving Nature

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ABC's of Loving Nature

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by Tracy Tan-Voicu, Chew Yoke Tong & Tan Er Min

An idea born out of passion to nurture young children to be more nature-loving. A for apple, B for boy, C for cat... Our usual way to recite ABC’s to children. What about connecting ABC’s to attitudes that we like to imbue in our children while learning about our local flora and fauna? Loving nature starts with appreciating what we have around us. You can even point out the local plants and animals in the book when you go outside. Children who learn to appreciate the world around them learn to appreciate and care for the natural environment. They will make sense of the existence and connections of nature to their daily life and take actions to protect the wonders of nature for a sustainable future.

This book is written by educators Ms Tracy Tan, Ms Tan Er Min and Terra Minds founder, Chew Yoke Tong. Illustrator Eunice Lim has created lovely characters and realistic plants and animals to present a gentle and accurate depiction of our natural world. The foreword is written by Sean Yap, Yoke Tong’s former student. He is a nature enthusiast and has been inspiring many children during Terra Minds outdoor lessons. Currently, he is doing his PhD studies on dung beetles in Singapore. He pursues his passion in nature and contributes his research work to data collection of our local biodiversity. Let this book bring you new insights into our rich biodiversity and enjoyable reading moments with your children.



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