Junior ScienceP2

Your 8-year-olds will be starting their official journey in Science once they enter Primary 3 (which is very soon!). Give your child a head start with our Junior Science (P2) programme! Not only will our students tackle more complex experiments and concepts, they will build confidence in asking and writing questions, learn proper recording and answering techniques and develop and improve critical thinking skills by relating evidence and making conclusions. Some topics taught in this programme include:

  • Mathematical Science  –  Rotational Symmetry and Origami
  • Energy Science  –  Light, Heat and Solar Energy
  • Diversity Science  –  Classification of Living and Non-Living Things
  • Engineering Science  –  Electrical Circuits and Inventions
  • Engineering a car powered by solar energy

  • Investigating the difference in burning time of an enclosed candle with an oxygen-giving plant!

Hear from our parents

  • Mrs Nair

    Halena Aaryan Nair - Junior Science (P2)
  • Terra Minds is a place where inquisitive young minds and budding scientists come together. It engages students through the perfect combination of hands-on learning and cognitive application of scientific concepts, delivered in a warm and encouraging educational setting. My elder daughter, Halena started with Terra Minds in 2014 and we have never looked back. The dedicated teachers and staff have consistently delivered an excellent educational experience for her.

    Halena eagerly looks forward to attending her weekly Junior Science classes where Science comes alive!

    I will continue to entrust Terra Minds with the task of cultivating and developing Halena’s love for science.

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