Junior ScienceP1

Not only do our 7-year-olds get to explore the natural world here, the Junior Science (P1) programme introduces them to more practical components of science, such as engineering, simple machines and many more! Our students would apply their knowledge in creating simple contraptions and models. Some topics taught in this programme include:

  • Structural Science  –  Beams and Bridges
  • Engineering Science  –  Pulleys, Wheels and Axles
  • Weather Science  –  Atmosphere and Seasons
  • Human Body Science  –  Muscles, Tendons and DNA
  • Simple Machines – Showcasing a movable pulley system

    Understanding how adding a simple arch can greatly strengthen a bridge!

  • Our young architect with his 3D house of sticks and gummies!

    Planetary revolution – Observing how the orbit of planets affect its seasons

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