Junior ScienceN2

This programme is specially designed for 4-year-olds to develop their natural curiosity by asking questions, working on experiments and recording their observations. Through Junior Science (N2), your child would challenged with the building and basic scientific literacy skills through tracing and writing, and will learn to sort and categorise and identify patterns. Some topics taught in this programme include:

  • Life Science  –  Seed Dispersal and Animal Coverings
  • Physical Science  –  Elastic Materials
  • Chemical Science  –  Soluble and Insoluble Substances
  • Food Science  –  Mold and Bacteria

Our 4-year-olds exploring the different outer coverings of animals

Hear from our parents

Mrs. Evelyn Kway

Kaeden Kway - Junior Science (N2)

The school classroom environment is very conductive for learning and exploring.

As parents who believe and focus more on childhood experiences than academic preparation, we love that every learning experience here is play and fun-orientated and interesting for our child. After the classes, he is able to see and observe things in a different light and loves to experiment and find out even more with daily stuff. His science vocabulary and explanation has also improved a lot.

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