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It’s never too early for children to discover the amazing world around them! Spark off your little one’s interest in Science by encouraging them to observe their surroundings and start asking questions about what’s happening around them. Our Junior Science (N1) programme is specially tailored for your 3-year-olds’ first step into the wonders of Science! Through this programme, they will be exposed to simple science words and hone fine motor skills using child-size apparatus. Some topics taught in this programme include:

  • Basic Science Skills  –  Drip Drop Water (Pipette)
  • Physical Science  –  Buoyancy (Sink or Float)
  • Weather Science  –  Windy and Cloudy Days

Our youngest scientists at work!

Hear from our parents

  • Kris Zhang

    Ryan Tan - Junior Science (K1)
    Keiran Tan - Junior Science (N1)
  • It started about 1.5 years ago when my child was less than 3 years old, we brought him to attend his first classroom lesson.He was initially too shy to walk into classroom that Daddy has to accompany him but at the end of the first lesson, he happily said he love the class and wish to continue. There’s when his Terra Minds journey begin.

    At the end of the first lesson, he happily said he love the class and wish to continue.

    Today, he has enrolled in various courses and always eager to participate in new courses. The courses are interesting and most importantly allow him to have hands-on experience. Under the teachers’ vivid and patience guidance, his motor skills and self-esteem have improved and eventually he is becoming more confident and independent.

    The cosy environment at the learning center has made him feel comfortable, and most of all he loves the teachers (Teacher Yokie and Teacher Crystal) who are always energetic and willing to share their knowledge with him.

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