Junior ScienceK2

We take your child’s journey in Science to the next level with our Junior Science (K2) programme! Here, your 6-year-olds take on more complex experiments involving more variables, giving them opportunity to develop their ability to analyse, prioritise and sequence tasks for an effective investigation. Some topics taught in this programme include:

  • Weather Science  –  Tornadoes and Waterspouts
  • Life Science  –  Transpiration and Capillary Action
  • Map Skills  –  Map Components and Compass Navigation
  • Human Body Science  –  Nervous System and Reaction Time
  • Physical Science  –  Surface Tension
  • Simulating mountain formations with the folding of Earth’s crust

    Extreme focus! – Working carefully with a pipettte to observe the surface tension of water

  • Our scientists with their very own World Map

    Studying the vortex from the swirling water in a tornado simulation

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