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Now that your child has started to have a greater appreciation of the world around him or her, it’s time to delve deeper into Science! In Junior Science (K1) programme, we challenge our 5-year-olds with more complex questions to spur on their inquisitive nature. Through this programme, they will start to develop critical thinking skills by relating evidence to conclusions and improve their ability to execute tasks in a sequential manner. Some topics taught in this programme include:

  • Chemical Science  –  Staining and Bleaching
  • Human Body Science  –  Hardworking Heart
  • Physical Science  –  Light and Refraction
  • Weather Science  –  Precipitation, Thunder and Lightning
  • Extreme focus! – Our scientist carefully adding liquids of different densities into a test tube to observe a layering effect

  • Exploring natural stains from different plant materials like tumeric and potato leaves

Hear from our parents

  • Mdm Priscilla Goh

    Noah Lim - Junior Science (K1)
    Ian Lim - Science Tuition
  • My 5 year old Noah has always envied his older brother who attends Science enrichment workshops at Terra Minds.So when I finally enrolled him Terra Minds’ Junior Science (K1) programme, he was elated and excited. This year-long course has greatly widened and enriched Noah’s knowledge for science, geography and the world around him. He learned about simple machines, vitamins, light and reflection, food science (his favourite Mr Yeast!), human anatomy (using ear buds to make up the skeletons) and many more.

    This year-long course has greatly widened and enriched Noah’s knowledge for science, geography and the world around him.

    Noah enjoyed the hands-on experiments the most. The teachers were great and patient. The topics were made easy for kids to digest and remember through the use of various media. Noah looked forward to the fieldtrips which were conducted at the end of each term. Each fieldtrip took him to different parts of Singapore. Noah can never get enough of Terra Minds!

Mdm Fardyana

Rizqin Nasuha - Junior Science (K1)

It is clear that the teachers truly enjoy interacting and sharing their passion with the children.

They are warm, patient and enthusiastic, easily igniting the interest of the students in Science concepts in everyday life.

The Junior Science Programmes are age appropriate and the best part of the classes are the weekly hands-on activities. Students get excited about the lesson and are able to grasp the concepts easier. My daughter will explain and share what she has learnt that day with us, being able to use subject specific terms in her re-telling. She enjoys the activities, friends and Teachers! It’s comfortable and almost like a second home!

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