Terra Minds prides itself as a pioneer in providing quality and enriching Science, Robotics and Nature enrichment programmes to young children aged 3 to 12


Children are naturally curious and like to explore and draw conclusions and theories from their experiences. But left to themselves, they are not quite natural scientists. Children need guidance and structure to turn their natural curiosity and activity into something more scientific. They need to practice science, in other words, to engage in rich scientific inquiry.

Our Science and nature programmes are specially designed to help your child build foundational experiences for later science learning and also to develop many cognitive skills such as categorizing, comparing and identifying patterns and relationships.

Terra Minds, which means ‘earth minded’, helps your child to develop the love for learning and the natural environment that they live in. Our curriculum develops children’s scientific knowledge and skills and encourages the creative expression of their imagination and understanding.


The future of the environment depends on our children developing a close relationship with it. Once they feel connected to their environment, they will be interested to understand and actively participate in solving environmental problems and develop feasible and sustainable practices and policies for the future.